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Biodiversity conservation programmes are underpinned by seed banking following drying to low water contents (WC), and supported by both the assessment and prediction of seed viability over time. The means of judging viability is thus crucial to the comprehension of seed vigour. We selected seeds of three species and one hybrid in the Salicaceae likely to(More)
The crystal structure of [Cr(NCS)2(cyclam)]NCS (cyclam = 1,4,8,11-tetra-aza-cyclo-tetra-deca-ne, C10H24N4) has been determined by using synchrotron radiation at 98 K. The Cr(III) atom is in a slightly distorted octa-hedral environment with four N atoms of the macrocyclic ligand and two N-coordinated NCS(-) anions in cis positions. The average Cr-N(cyclam)(More)
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