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Investigation of Danshen and related medicinal plants in China.
An investigation on traditional functions and folk therapeutic uses of these plants was conducted and found that only S. miltiorrhiza meet the requirements set forth and ascribed as the formal Danshen in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2005). Expand
The large-leaved Kudingcha (Ilex latifolia Thunb and Ilex kudingcha C.J. Tseng): a traditional Chinese tea with plentiful secondary metabolites and potential biological activities
Triterpenoids, phenolic acids, flavonoids, and essential oils are the main metabolites in the large-leaved Kudingcha, and these ingredients protect the vascular system, regulate lipid metabolism, and have antioxidant, hypoglycemic, and anti-tumor effects. Expand
Traditional uses, phytochemistry, and pharmacology of the genus Acer (maple): A review.
Acer species can be used to treat rheumatism, hepatic disorders, eye disease, pain, etc. effectively and reports on the toxicity of Acer species to humans are very limited, and the major safety concern of these plants is in the veterinary field. Expand
Research progress in the phytochemistry and biology of Ilex pharmaceutical resources
It is essential to utilize emerging technologies in non- Camellia tea studies to promote the sustainable utilization of Ilex resources and the identification and development of novel compounds with potential health and clinical utility. Expand
Phytochemical and Biological Studies of Paeoniaceae
By Chun-Nian Hea, Yong Peng, Yao-Chun Zhang, Li-Jia Xua, Jing Gua, and Pei-Gen Xiao. Expand
Phytochemical and Biological Studies of Lycium Medicinal Plants
by Xia Yaoa), Yong Penga), Li-Jia Xua), Li Lia), Qing-Li Wub), and Pei-Gen Xiao*a) a) Institute of Medicinal Plant Development, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Peking Union Medical College, 151Expand
Chemical taxonomy of tree peony species from China based on root cortex metabolic fingerprinting.
The combination of HPLC-DAD and multivariate analyses has great potential for guiding future chemotaxonomic studies to examine the potential pharmaceutical value of the effective constituents of tree peony species and appears to be able to clarify the confusion and skepticism associated with the reported morphology- and molecular phylogenetics-based taxonomy of treePeony species. Expand
De novo characterization of the root transcriptome of a traditional Chinese medicinal plant Polygonum cuspidatum
Eighteen potential UDP-glycosyltransferase unigenes were identified as the candidates most likely to be involved in the biosynthesis of glycosides of secondary metabolites of Polygonum cuspidatum. Expand
In silico target fishing and pharmacological profiling for the isoquinoline alkaloids of Macleayacordata (Bo Luo Hui)
Through in silico target fishing, the anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effects of M. cordata were the most significant among many possible activities. Expand