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Clear Wood toward High-Performance Building Materials.
Developing advanced building materials with both excellent thermal insulating and optical properties to replace common glass (thermal conductivity of ∼1 W m-1 K-1) is highly desirable forExpand
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Scalable aesthetic transparent wood for energy efficient buildings
Nowadays, energy-saving building materials are important for reducing indoor energy consumption by enabling better thermal insulation, promoting effective sunlight harvesting and offering comfortableExpand
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Nature-inspired salt resistant bimodal porous solar evaporator for efficient and stable water desalination
The shortage of clean water is one of the predominant causes of human mortality, especially in remote rural areas. Currently, solar steam generation is being adopted as an efficient, sustainable, andExpand
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A general method to synthesize and sinter bulk ceramics in seconds
Speedy ceramic sintering Synthesizing ceramics can require heating for long times at high temperatures, making the screening of high-through-put materials challenging. C. Wang et al. developed a newExpand
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General, Vertical, Three-Dimensional Printing of Two-Dimensional Materials with Multiscale Alignment.
Two-dimensional (2D) materials (e.g., boron nitride (BN), graphene and MoS2) have great potentials in emerging energy, environmental and electronics applications. Assembly of 2D materials intoExpand
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Synthesis of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles by Rapid, High‐Temperature 3D Microwave Heating
Microwave-assisted fabrication has propelled the recent synthesis and processing approaches of various nanomaterials. However, in most previous studies, the synthesis temperature is limited to belowExpand
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Designing Textile Architectures for High Energy-Efficiency Human Body Sweat- and Cooling-Management
Thermal management of textiles requires local microclimate control over heat and wet dissipation to create a comfortable thermal-wet environment at the interface of the human body and clothing.Expand
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