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Phenol was investigated for the ability of TiO2 photocatalysis to increase its bioavailability as an electron donor for denitrification. The rate of nitrate removal by denitrification was increased by up to 2.6-fold by exposing phenol to photocatalysis for 30 min, although the rate decreased with increasing photocatalysis. The increased denitrification rate(More)
An integrated photocatalytic-biological reactor (IPBR) was used for accelerated degradation and mineralization of 2,4,6-trichlorophenol (TCP) through simultaneous, intimate coupling of photocatalysis and biodegradation in one reactor. Intimate coupling was realized by circulating the IPBR’s liquid contents between a TiO2 film on mat glass illuminated by UV(More)
The mechanisms occurring in a photolytic circulating-bed biofilm reactor (PCBBR) treating 2,4,6-trichlorophenol (TCP) were investigated using batch experiments following three protocols: photodegradation alone (P), biodegradation alone (B), and intimately coupled photodegradation and biodegradation (P&B). Initially, the ceramic particles used as biofilm(More)
The internal loop photobiodegradation reactor (ILPBR) was evaluated for the degradation of the pharmaceutical sulfamethoxazole (SMX) using batch experiments following three protocols: photolysis alone (P), biodegradation alone (B), and intimately coupled photolysis and biodegradation (P&B). SMX was removed more rapidly by P&B than by either P or B alone,(More)
A white-rot basidiomycete Ganoderma spp. has long been used as a medicinal mushroom in Asia, and it has an array of pharmacological properties for immunomodulatory activity. There have been many reports about the bioactive components and their pharmacological properties. In order to analyze the current status of Ganoderma products, the detailed process of(More)
To compare postoperative outcomes of full-bed deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (DALK) with penetrating keratoplasty (PK) in treating keratoconus. Seventy-five eyes of 64 patients who received full-bed DALK and 52 eyes of 51 patients who received PK between June 2000 and August 2010 were included in this retrospective study. Full-bed DALK was performed(More)
We report a method for building a simple and reproducible electronic nose based on commercially available metal oxide sensors (MOS) to monitor the freshness of hairtail fish and pork stored at 15, 10, and 5 °C. After assembly in the laboratory, the proposed product was tested by a manufacturer. Sample delivery was based on the dynamic headspace method, and(More)
[1] Remote detection and measurement of the slowly varying continuing current that follows some lightning return strokes is difficult. Slow changes in quasi-static electric fields have been most frequently used to remotely measure continuing current. Because of the rapid attenuation of dipole electric fields with distance, though, the range over which the(More)
BACKGROUND Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is the most important cause of acute respiratory tract infection (ARTI) related morbidity and mortality worldwide. However, the disease burden due to RSV has not been systematically summarized in China. METHOD A systematic search was performed in the Chinese BioMedical Database (CBM), China National Knowledge(More)