Yong-Mei Bao

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The Cys2/His2-type zinc finger proteins have been implicated in different cellular processes involved in plant development and stress responses. Through microarray analysis, a salt-responsive zinc finger protein gene ZFP179 was identified and subsequently cloned from rice seedlings. ZFP179 encodes a 17.95 kDa protein with two C2H2-type zinc finger motifs(More)
The CDF family is a ubiquitous family that has been identified in prokaryotes, eukaryotes, and archaea. Members of this family are important heavy metal transporters that transport metal ions out of the cytoplasm. In this research, a full length cDNA named Oryza sativa Zn Transporter 1 (OZT1) that closely related to rat ZnT-2 (Zn Transporter 2) gene was(More)
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