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The extracellular matrix provides a framework for cell adhesion, supports cell movement, and serves to compartmentalize tissues into functional units. Fibronectin is a core component of many extracellular matrices where it regulates a variety of cell activities through direct interactions with cell surface integrin receptors. Fibronectin is synthesized by(More)
Alpha-fetoprotein detection is currently mainly used in clinic for diagnosis of primary hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). However, its sensitivity and specificity are not satisfying. Approximately 60–80 % of patients with HCC have an established background of chronic infection with hepatitis B virus (HBV). To investigate the potential of serum microRNAs(More)
It has been shown that the dynamic environment around the mobile robot can be efficiently and robustly represented by the Bayesian occupancy filter (BOF) [1]. In the BOF framework, the environment is decomposed into a gridbased representation in which both the occupancy and the velocity distributions are estimated for each grid cell. In such a(More)
Piscidins, important components of the innate (nonspecific) immunity system in fish, have potent, broad-spectrum antimicrobial and antiparasitic activities. In this study, we reported a novel antimicrobial cationic peptide from Pseudosciaena crocea. Although this peptide exhibited a genomic (3 exons and 2 introns) and propeptide (signal peptide, mature(More)
Recent preliminary studies reported the in vitro tumor-promoting effects of long non-coding RNA urothelial carcinoma associated 1 (UCA1) in colorectal cancer (CRC). However, the in vivo functions and molecular mechanism of UCA1 in CRC remain unclear. Therefore, we investigated the detailed role and mechanism of UCA1 in CRC. We found that UCA1 was(More)
BACKGROUND It is very difficult and relatively unpredictable to preserve and restore severely weakened pulpless roots. To provide much needed benefit basis for clinical practice, this study was carried out to analyze the stress distribution in weakened roots restored with different cements in combination with titanium alloy posts. Finite element analysis(More)
It has been proposed that the topoisomerase II (TOP2)beta-DNA covalent complex arrests transcription and triggers 26S proteasome-mediated degradation of TOP2beta. It is unclear whether the initial trigger for proteasomal degradation is due to DNA damage or transcriptional arrest. In the current study we show that the TOP2 catalytic inhibitor(More)
BACKGROUND Cephalopoda are a class of Mollusca species found in all the world's oceans. They are an important model organism in neurobiology. Unfortunately, the lack of neuronal molecular sequences, such as ESTs, transcriptomic or genomic information, has limited the development of molecular neurobiology research in this unique model organism. RESULTS(More)
where xi41 if the ith step is r , 11 if the ith step is l ^ and 0 otherwise. Because asymmetric knots disrupt human bilateral symmetry, we consider the most symmetric knots from each class, that is, the ones that minimize s. Whereas the centre number g and the symmetry s specify the move composition of a knot, balance relates to the distribution of these(More)
We present some analytic results for the steady states of the Penna model of senescence, generalized to allow genetically identical individuals to die at different ages via an arbitrary survival function. Modeling this with a Fermi function (of modest width) we obtain a clear mortality plateau late in life: something that has so far eluded explanation(More)