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The POEMS project is creating an environment for end-to-end performance modeling of complex parallel and distributed systems, spanning the domains of application software, runtime and operating system software, and hardware architecture. To enable end-to-end modeling of large-scale applications and systems, the POEMS framework is designed to compose models(More)
Low and high frequency electro-acupuncture (EA) stimulation was used in rats that had been lesioned by medial forebrain bundle transection. Behavioral tests showed that both low and high frequency EA stimulation significantly reduced the amphetamine-induced rotation 2 weeks after the lesion but only high frequency EA improved the rotational behavior at 4(More)
In a separator electrode assembly microbial fuel cell, oxygen crossover from the cathode inhibits current generation by exoelectrogenic bacteria, resulting in poor reactor startup and performance. To determine the best approach for improving startup performance, the effect of acclimation to a low set potential (-0.2V, versus standard hydrogen electrode) was(More)
Electroacupuncture (EA) has been used in China for many years to treat Parkinson's disease (PD) with reportedly effective results. However, the physiological and biological mechanism behind its effectiveness is still unknown. In the present study, different frequencies of chronic EA stimulation (0, 2, 100 Hz) were tested in a partially lesioned rat model of(More)
In computer vision, image datasets used for classification are naturally associated with multiple labels and comprised of multiple views, because each image may contain several objects (e.g., pedestrian, bicycle, and tree) and is properly characterized by multiple visual features (e.g., color, texture, and shape). Currently, available tools ignore either(More)
We prove several basic properties for difference ascending chains including a necessary and sufficient condition for an ascending chain to be the characteristic set of its saturation ideal and a necessary and sufficient condition for an ascending chain to be the characteristic set of a reflexive prime ideal. Based on these properties, we propose an(More)
Tanshinone IIA (Tan IIA), a natural product from herb Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge, has potential anti-tumor activity. The aim of this study was to pinpoint the molecular mechanisms underlying Tan IIA-induced cancer cell apoptosis. Human hepatoma BEL-7402 cells treated with Tan IIA underwent assessment with MTT assay for cell viability, 10-day culture for(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the difference of gene expression patterns in invasive and superficial human bladder cancers. METHODS cDNA microarray was used to detect the RNA in 12 samples of invasive and superficial human bladder cancers and 6 samples of normal bladder tissues as control group obtained during operation. Then, the scanogram was analyzed by applying(More)