Yong-Luo Shen

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An edge-flag rendering algorithm for supersampling antialiasing with low hardware cost is presented. The proposed algorithm works differently from the common rendering algorithm, using only one counter per pixel instead of one counter per sample point. Compared to the common rendering algorithm, the proposed one uses about 83% less memory capacity for(More)
This paper presents a novel range-free single chord localization algorithm with low energy consumption and high accuracy for wireless sensor networks. A mobile anchor node and a mobile reference node are employed to periodically broadcast beacon messages and reference messages, respectively. Each sensor node is equipped with a received signal strength(More)
We propose a pipelined implementation of the eight-point Loeffler discrete cosine transform (DCT) for portable applications. The pipelined structure produces one DCT coefficient per clock cycle, which meets the limited memory bandwidth of many portable devices. Twodimensional algebraic integer (AI) encoding and the shift-and-add approach were used to make(More)
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