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Wireless Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs) are intermittently connected mobile wireless networks. Some well-known assumptions of traditional networks are no longer true in DTNs, which makes routing in DTNs a challenging problem. We observe that mobile nodes in realistic wireless DTNs may always have some mobility pattern information which can be used to(More)
The limited service range of the access points demands mobile wireless stations to handoff frequently between different cells in the IEEE 802.11 infrastructure networks. However, the handoff scheme used in the current 802.11 infrastructure networks is far from graceful. In this paper, we propose a smooth MAC layer handoff scheme and a greedy smooth MAC(More)
Myeloid cell leukemia-1 (Mcl-1), a Bcl-2-like antiapoptotic protein, plays a role in cell immortalization and chemoresistance in a number of human malignancies. A peptidyl-prolyl cis/trans isomerase, Pin1 is involved in many cellular events, such as cell cycle progression, cell proliferation, and differentiation through isomerizing prophosphorylated(More)
BACKGROUND Trihelix transcription factors play important roles in light-regulated responses and other developmental processes. However, their functions in abiotic stress response are largely unclear. In this study, we identified two trihelix transcription factor genes GmGT-2A and GmGT-2B from soybean and further characterized their roles in abiotic stress(More)
To meet the huge demands of computation power and storage space, a future data center may have to include up to millions of servers. The conventional hierarchical tree-based data center network architecture faces several challenges in scaling a data center to that size. Previous research effort has shown that a server-centric architecture, where servers are(More)
AZD6244 (ARRY-142886) is an inhibitor of MEK1/2 and can inhibit cell proliferation or induce apoptosis in a cell-type dependent manner. The precise molecular mechanism of AZD6244-induced apoptosis is not clear. To investigate mechanisms of AZD6244 induced apoptosis in human lung cancer, we determined the molecular changes of two subgroups of human lung(More)
Mobile IPv6 provides two basic schemes called the remote subscription and home subscription to provide multicast service for mobile hosts. These two algorithms have complementary advantages. In this paper, we propose a new scheme called the previous network subscription, which can provide a low handover delay for real time multicast applications. We also(More)
We present SAMPLES: Self Adaptive Mining of Persistent LExical Snippets; a systematic framework for classifying network traffic generated by mobile applications. SAMPLES constructs conjunctive rules, in an automated fashion, through a supervised methodology over a set of labeled flows (the training set). Each conjunctive rule corresponds to the lexical(More)
Increased adoption of mobile devices introduces a new spin to Inter-net: mobile apps are becoming a key source of user traffic. Surprisingly, service providers and enterprises are largely unprepared for this change as they increasingly lose understanding of their traffic and fail to persistently identify individual apps. App traffic simply appears no(More)