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With the advent of wireless communication and internet protocol, many technologies have been developed to provide mobile phone user with the wireless internet service. Security supporting wireless internet must be guaranteed at same level as the wired security. But PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) which is used for the security of e-commerce in wired(More)
Several studies have reported that even a moderate daily dose of supplementary vitamin C (200 mg) induces the formation of genotoxins from lipid hydroperoxides, thereby resulting in DNA damage and initiation of carcinogenesis. However, other reports questioned the experimental designs used and suggested that the chemopreventive effects of vitamin C may be(More)
Developmental canalization, which leads to a reduction in the variation of phenotype expression relative to the complexity of the genome, has long been thought to be an important property of evolving biological systems. We demonstrate that a highly canalized state develops in the process of self-organization recently discovered in N-K Boolean networks that(More)
The objective of this work is t o shed light on electron transport through sub-micron semiconductor structures, where electronic state quantization, electron-electron interactions and electron-phonon interactions are important. We concentrate here on the most developed vertical quantum device, the double barrier resonant tunneling diode. In this work we(More)
From the advent of very large scale integration (VLSI) design, a larger power consumption of a scan-based testing has been one of the most serious problems. The large number of scan cells lead to excessive switching activities during the scan shifting operations. In this paper, we present a new scan shifting method based on clock gating of multiple groups(More)
As a scan-based testing enables higher test coverage and faster test time than alternative ways, it is widely used by most system-on-chip (SoC) designers. However, since the number of logic gates is over one hundred million gates, a number of scan cells lead to excessive power consumption and it produces a low shifting frequency during the scan shifting(More)
The key riboflavin synthesis genes are located immediately downstream of luxG in the lux operon from Photobacterium leiognathi. It is of interest that a site capable of forming a rho-independent terminator does not appear to be present between luxG and ribE in our previous data. These results raise the question of whether the transcription of lux and rib(More)