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Administration of protein and DNA biotherapeutics is limited by the need for hypodermic injection. Use of micron-scale needles to deliver drugs in a minimally invasive manner provides an attractive alternative, but application of this approach is limited by the need for suitable microneedle designs and fabrication methods. To address this need, this paper(More)
This article presents a new method for fabricating highly conductive gold nanostructures within a polymeric matrix with subwavelength resolution. The nanostructures are directly written in a gold precursor-doped photoresist using a femtosecond pulsed laser. The laser energy is absorbed by a two-photon dye, which induces simultaneous reduction of gold in the(More)
We designed electrospun polycaprolactone mats consisting of nanofibers and microbeads for extended delivery of dexamethasone. Thin flexible dexamethasone loaded polycaprolactone mats were prepared by electrospinning. The solvents, polymer loading, voltage and tip-to-collector distance were varied to explore the effects on microstructure of the mats. The(More)
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