Yong Kin Yew

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The modulation of the swelling ability of the hydrogel matrix by pH-stimulus enables the dynamic control of the swelling forces, thereby obtaining effective diffusivity and permeability of the solutes, or mechanical energy from the hydrogel. In this work, a chemo-electro-mechanical model describing hydrogel behavior, based on multi-field effects, is(More)
In this paper, we carry out the theoretical electro-chemo-mechanical investigation into water swollen ionic polymer gels under the simultaneous influence of electrical and chemical stimuli. In addition to these hydrogels being deployed as active sensing/actuating elements in MEMS/BioMEMS devices, this work can also serve as the basis of illustrating(More)
Molecular simulations of the sliding processes of polymer-on-polymer systems were performed to investigate the surface and subsurface deformations and how these affect tribological characteristics of nanometer-scale polymer films. It is shown that a very severe deformation is localized to a band of material about 2.5 nm thick at the interface of the polymer(More)
Odd-Even effects on tribology of self assembled monolayers 2-3 Page Paper. IJTC2011-61150 -Leyla Ramin, Ahmad Jabbarzadeh, The university of Sydney, Sydney, NSW,Australia -We have conducted molecular dynamics simulations to study the frictional properties of alkanethiols on Au(111) surfaces, under various loading and shearing conditions. For alkanethiols we(More)
In this paper, we study the effects of initial fixed-charge density on the response behavior of pH-sensitive hydrogels subjected to coupled stimuli, namely, solution pH and externally applied electric field. This is the first instance in which a coupled stimuli numerical analysis has been carried out for these polymer gels, which are used as active(More)
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