Yong Kim Chong

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—A low-cost rapid-prototyping system using Texas Instruments' (TI) TMS320C30 Evaluation Module (EVM) based on the MathWorks' development software is presented in this paper. The rapid prototyping system serves as an educational tool in learning digital signal processing (DSP) and seeing the concept realized in real time. The development software modules,(More)
In conventional active noise control (ANC) system, the primary noise is attenuated over the frequency band of interest based simply on the error signal, which does not take into account the human perception of noise. Hence, researchers have developed psychoacoustic ANC system to improve its noise reduction performance from psychoacoustic point of view.(More)
—Parallel-form narrowband feedback active noise control (FBANC) system has been shown to perform better than conventional internal model control (IMC) based FBANC system in cancelling multi-tonal noise. A previous paper illustrated a novel approach in estimating the frequencies of the multi-tone noise, and using an internal tonal generator cum frequency(More)
— This paper presents the derivation of the convergence analysis of the feedback active noise control under perfect and imperfect secondary path transfer functions. Existing analysis approaches do not include the analysis of the reference signal synthesis errors due to the complexity of interrelated feedback nature. A detailed derivation of the maximum step(More)
— This paper introduces an ongoing project on the surveillance of noisy vehicles on the road. Noise pollution created by vehicles on urban roads is becoming more severe. To enforce current measures, we developed a vehicular noise surveillance system including a vehicle type classification method. Samples of vehicular noise were recorded on-site using this(More)