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Recurrent neural networks (RNNs) were recently proposed for the session-based recommendation task. The models showed promising improvements over traditional recommendation approaches. In this work, we further study RNN-based models for session-based recommendations. We propose the application of two techniques to improve model performance, namely, data(More)
We have developed and mechanically verified a new compiler backend for CakeML. Our new compiler features a sequence of intermediate languages that allows it to incrementally compile away high-level features and enables verification at the right levels of semantic detail. In this way, it resembles mainstream (unverified) compilers for strict functional(More)
Personalized location-based service recommendation is an important trend in the development of online ecommerce applications. In this work, we integrate the application of location-based service with recommendation technologies to present a hybrid recommendation model and a prototype system (HiPerData) to evaluate and measure the validity based on the Yelp(More)
Most of the conventional electric powered wheelchairs are using joystick as a used input mode of control to maneuver the powered wheelchairs. The drawback of joystick control is that it is not suitable for physical disabled person who cannot control their movements especially the hands. The proposed voice-activated powered wheelchair supplementary with(More)
Deep Neural Networks (DNN) have been successful in enhancing noisy speech signals. Enhancement is achieved by learning a nonlinear mapping function from the features of the corrupted speech signal to that of the reference clean speech signal. The quality of predicted features can be improved by providing additional side channel information that is robust to(More)
Formally verifying the correctness of programs in a program logic provides strong static guarantees about the program’s runtime behaviour. Unlike static analysis techniques, proving such correctness properties typically requires some form of user interaction, e.g. the user might need to manually state appropriate loop invariants. In the context of dL, this(More)
This paper describes how the latest CakeML compiler supports verified compilation down to multiple realistically modelled target architectures. In particular, we describe how the compiler definition, the various language semantics, and the correctness proofs were organised to minimize target-specific overhead. With our setup we have incorporated compilation(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of Chinese medicine (CM) and Western medicine (WM) on quality of life (QOL) after conservative surgery for endometriosis. METHODS A total of 320 patients with endometriosis were randomized into two groups by using random block design, CM group (160 cases, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis treatment(More)
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