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The goal of wireless sensor networks is to collect sensing data on a specific region using wireless communication. The sink node gathers all local sensing data, processes them, and transmits them to users who use sensor networks. Generally, sensor nodes are low-cost, low power devices with limited sensing, computation and wireless communication(More)
Sensor networks consist of various sensors. Existing development of sensor networks is hard to federation and communication each other because they use different data format depend on their characteristics. Thereby, it needs to middleware that can merge raw data from heterogeneous sensor networks. For that reason, we propose sensor network middleware that(More)
Sensor networks locally form the variety sensor network as base for diverse sensors. Pre-existing development of sensor network has the problem about the processing in accordance with unit and representation of method because it does not have the common data format. Also, it has the difficult to share the data with different sensor networks. Development of(More)
Wireless sensor networks are networks for collecting environment information in specific area using sensor nodes with low power. The process of sensor networks is a multiphase process compromised of sensing environment, transmitting the sensing data to neighbor nodes, collecting it from nodes for aggregating, and processing it for a request. As sensor(More)
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