Yong Khai Leong

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Business requirements for data availability, survivability, and performance have driven the need for building the network storage that interconnects various kinds of storage devices to allow remote access by multiple hosts. A new revolutionary storage technology called “Object based Storage Devices (OSD)” is now emerging as a promising technology to meet(More)
Replica management is basic and challenging issue for distributed storage system designer. The objective of this paper is to dynamically create, migrate and delete replicas among nodes in response to changes in the access patterns. This paper presents an Adaptive Replica Management Model for large-scale Object-based Storage Devices (OSDs). The model(More)
In a video-on-demand (VOD) system, in order to guarantee smooth playback of a video stream, sufficient resources (such as I/O bandwidth, network bandwidth) have to be reserved in advance. Given limited resources, the number of simultaneous streams can be supported by a video server is restricted. Due to the mechanical nature, the I/O subsystem is generally(More)
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