Yong K. Kim

Su H Lee2
Dae Y Hwang2
2Su H Lee
2Dae Y Hwang
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Mutations in the APP gene lead to enhanced cleavage by the beta- and gamma-secretase, and increased Abeta formation, which are tightly associated with Alzheimer's disease (AD)-like neuropathological changes. To examine whether depositions of Abeta by APP mutations are increased, and if this is associated with potential pathogenic phenotypes, the APPsw was(More)
BACKGROUND Silibinin, a natural polyphenolic flavonoid, has been reported to induce cell death in various cancer cell types. However, the molecular mechanism is not clearly defined. Our previous study showed that silibinin induces glioma cell death and its effect was effectively prevented by calpain inhibitor. The present study was therefore undertaken to(More)
The complexity of Alzheimer's disease (AD) has made it difficult to examine its underlying mechanisms. A gene microarray offers a solution to the complexity through parallel analysis of most of the genes expressed in the hippocampal tissues from AD-transgenic and age-matched control littermates. This study examined the potential effect of APPsw(More)
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