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Traditional preventive maintenance policies, such as age replacement, periodic replacement under minimal repair, and replacement policy N, are all studied based on the expected cost criteria without considering the management risk due to the cost variability. As a result, these policies could be significantly beyond the anticipated maintenance budget(More)
SUMMARY Quality and reliability are two important factors in manufacturing-system design. However, the analysis and optimization of manufacturing-system reliability and product quality are normally conducted separately in practice. There is no general framework to integrate these two important factors, quantitatively analyze the interactions between them,(More)
Research efforts have been made to develop a Quality and Reliability chain (QR chain) model to integrate manufacturing system component reliability and product quality in multi-station manufacturing processes. Based on a previously developed state space model, which captures the variation propagation throughout all stations, a general QR chain model is(More)
by crowded roosting areas and sharing of roosts by multiple species. This behavior provides opportunities for transmission of Bartonella bacteria or exchange of infected ectoparasites, such as Cyclopodia spp. (8), although the precise roles of these 2 processes are unknown. Although no human cases of Bartonella spp. infection have been reported in Vietnam,(More)
Motivated by the design and manufacturing of customized cushions for debilitated patients, we propose the idea of performance-tailored mesostructures which can change or adapt their design performance based on given requirements. Our goal is to develop a CAD tool with the capability of specifying heterogeneous material properties in a product component such(More)
INTRODUCTION Corn distiller's dried grains with solubles (DDGS) is a co-product of the dry milling ethanol production. A recent increasing demand of fuel ethanol has resulted in the construction of many new ethanol plants. DDGS, therefore, is becoming available in large quantities to the animal production industry. A better fermentative process and a more(More)