Yong-Jun Ko

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We present a novel method for the separation of progressive motile sperm from non-progressive motile and immotile sperm. This separation was accomplished by inducing chemotaxis along a longitudinal chemical gradient in a microchip composed of a biocompatible polydimethysiloxane layer and a glass substrate. In a preliminary experiment using fluorescent(More)
Conventional immunoassays are labor intensive, expensive and time consuming and require large pieces of equipment for detection. Therefore, we have developed and characterized a novel immunoassay methodology comprised of microbeads and microbiochips. In this method, microbeads are used to filter and immobilize antibodies and an immuno-gold silver staining(More)
Microfluidic-based microchips have become the focus of research interest for immunoassays and biomarker diagnostics. This is due to their aptitude for high-throughput processing, small sample volume, and short analysis times. In this paper, we describe the development of a microchip-based multiplex electro-immunosensing system for simultaneous detection of(More)
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