Yong-Jun An

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Novel nonintrusive technologies for wrist pulse detection have been developed and proposed as systems for sleep monitoring using three types of radio frequency (RF) sensors. The three types of RF sensors for heart rate measurement on wrist are a flexible RF single resonator, array resonators, and an injection-locked PLL resonator sensor. To verify the(More)
This paper presents a vital sign detection sensor based on reflection coefficient variance from an antenna used in wireless communication devices. The near-field effect is estimated by performing 3D full-wave simulations using a dipole antenna and the magnitude variation of the reflection coefficient induced by human thorax movement due to heart and lungs(More)
This paper presents a high-gain antipodal linearly tapered slot antenna (LTSA) combined with substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) technique for Ku-band applications. The effects of periodic corrugation on the radiating elements are thoroughly investigated to optimize antenna performance. The periodic corrugation contributes to higher gain as well as and(More)
This paper presents the development of a non-contact, nonintrusive wrist pulse sensor based on the near-field variation of an array resonator. A compact resonator and its array were designed and fabricated on flexible substrate. The reflection coefficient of the resonator can vary as a function of the distance between the resonator and the walls of the(More)
In this paper, a proximity coupling RF sensor based on injection-locked phase-locked loop (PLL) for wrist pulse detection is proposed. The sensor is composed of two main parts: a free-running oscillator and a PLL synthesizer containing a voltage-controlled oscillator. The free-running oscillator is built with a two-port microstrip line resonator(More)
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