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In this paper, we present a new detection algorithm for line defects of scale-covered steel billets. Because of the presence of scales on the billet surface, features of surface images such as brightness and textures are non-uniform. To minimize the influence of scales and to improve the accuracy of detection, a new detection method based on undecimated(More)
Non-destructive automatic inspection systems are in high demand in the steel industry, for controlling the quality and increasing the productivity of steel products. In this study, we developed an algorithm for detecting scratch defects on slabs by using image-processing techniques. To reduce the effect of lighting condition and amplify the features of the(More)
The recently proposed normalized least mean squares algorithm reuses estimated past coefficient vectors for the finite impulse response model and effectively reduces the misadjustment. The affine projection algorithm, which is an extension of the normalized least mean squares algorithm, generally suffers from relatively high misadjustment in the steady(More)
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