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Method of ballistic control and projectile rotation in a novel railgun
Abstract In order to realize the ballistic control of the railgun and the flight stability of the projectile, a new type of railgun is designed, which can control the muzzle velocity and rotationExpand
Simulation of two-dimensional interior ballistics model of solid propellant electrothermal-chemical launch with discharge rod plasma generator
Abstract Instead of the capillary plasma generator (CPG), a discharge rod plasma generator (DRPG) is used in the 30 mm electrothermal-chemical (ETC) gun to improve the ignition uniformity of theExpand
Calculation of Plasma Radiation in Electrothermal-Chemical Launcher
A numerical model of radiation has been adopted for electrothermal-chemical (ETC) launcher, in which Monte Carlo method and statistical physics are employed to simulate the process of a capillaryExpand
Design of compact high-voltage capacitor charging power supply for pulsed power application
The pulsed power supply (PPS) with capacitor energy storage is the integral part of launch system, which is often used as energy storage element for electrothermal-chemical (ETC) launch,Expand
Energy skin effect of propellant particles in Electrothermal-Chemical Launcher
  • Yong Jin, Bao-ming Li
  • Materials Science
  • 16th International Symposium on Electromagnetic…
  • 12 April 2013
A numerical model of the radiation has been employed by a Monte Carlo method and statistical physics to simulate the process of a capillary plasma source for Electrothermal-Chemical (ETC) Launcher.Expand
Development and properties of a 500KJ pulsed power supply
A500kJ capacitive pulsed power supply (PPS), consisting of one constant current charger and two pulsed power modules (PPM), has been designed and developed. The energy storage density of the wholeExpand
Application of transient burning rate model of solid propellant in electrothermal-chemical launch simulation
A 30mm electrothermal-chemical (ETC) gun experimental system is employed to research the burning rate characteristics of 4/7 high-nitrogen solid propellant. A modified 0D internal ballistic model isExpand
Research on Energy Loss Distribution of an Augmented Railgun
In order to analyze the characteristics of energy loss distribution of the electromagnetic launcher (EML), a calculation model considering contact resistance, contact velocity skin effect, andExpand
Regional fuzzy binocular stereo matching algorithm based on global correlation coding for 3D measurement of rail surface
A regional fuzzy binocular stereo matching algorithm based on global correlation coding is presented that can ensure the overall matching accuracy of left and right views, and has higher matching integrity. Expand
Design of a 30MJ capacitor-based pulsed power supply for eml
The PPS system can be divided into several functional subsystems: pulse forming subsystem, control subsystem, charging subsystem, and measurement subsystem, which adopts a PXI bus based data collection system and a master-slave network structure with optical fiber synchronous communication. Expand