Yong Je Choi

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This paper presents a method of determining exact solutions to kinestatic analyses of lower mobility manipulators by means of the reciprocal Jacobian. The existence and uniqueness of the reciprocal Jacobian are shown, which enables the complete kinestatic analyses of both serial and fully parallel manipulators in a unified way, as well as the derivation of(More)
Polynomial bases and normal bases are both used for elliptic curve cryptosystems, but field arithmetic operations such as multiplication, inversion and doubling for each basis are implemented by different methods. In general, it is said that normal bases, especially optimal normal bases (ONB) which are special cases on normal bases, are efficient for the(More)
and Applied Analysis 3 Baeumer et al. 8, 13 have proved existence and uniqueness of a strong solution for 1.2 using the semigroup theory when f x, t, u is globally Lipschitz continuous. Furthermore, when f x, t, u is locally Lipschitz continuous, existence of a unique strong solution has also been shown by introducing the cut-off function. Finite difference(More)
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