Yong-Hui Zhang

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The Kondo effect arises due to the interaction between a localized spin and the electrons of a surrounding host. Studies of individual magnetic impurities by scanning tunneling spectroscopy have renewed interest in Kondo physics; however, a quantitative comparison with theoretical predictions remained challenging. Here we show that the zero-bias anomaly(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic efficacy associated with kirenol generation, the content of kirenol in Siegesbeckea orientalis is quite low. OBJECTIVE This study was designed to establish a reliable kirenol production protocol by transformed root cultures of S. orientalis and to investigate the antimicrobial(More)
BACKGROUND Dengue cases have been reported each year for the past 25 years in Guangdong Province, China with a recorded historical peak in 2014. This study aims to describe the epidemiological characteristics of this large outbreak in order to better understand its epidemic factors and to inform control strategies. METHODS Data for clinically diagnosed(More)
Five new compounds, including a benzopyran ribonic glycoside, daldiniside A (1), two isocoumarin ribonic glycosides, daldinisides B (2) and C (3), and two alkaloids, 1-(3-indolyl)-2R,3-dihydroxypropan-1-one (4) and 3-ethyl-2, 5-pyrazinedipropanoic acid (5), along with five known compounds (6-10), were isolated from the EtOAc extract of the marine-associated(More)
Coumarin derivatives are an important class of C6-C3 plant metabolites that show a variety of bioactivities. Currently, most clinical anticoagulant agents are coumarins, such as warfarin, dicoumarol and acenocoumarol, and patients taking these drugs must be monitored for adverse reactions. In a search for safe and effective anticoagulant compounds from(More)
Diketopiperazines are important secondary metabolites of the fungi with variety bioactivities. Several species belonging to genus Chaetomium produce compounds of this class, such as chetomin. To identify new antitumor agents, secondary metabolites of fungus Chaetomium sp 88194 were investigated and three new indole diketopiperazines, Chaetocochins G (1),(More)
—A new algorithm is raised in this paper to perform fast block motion estimation in accordance with Video Phone. Aim at the need of low bit-rate, we have deviced a new algorithom of block matching in less computation considering the little motion of the head-shoulder sequences.Experimental results show that the raised algorithm provides similar image(More)
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