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PINK1-dependent recruitment of Parkin to mitochondria in mitophagy
Phosphatase and tensin homolog (PTEN)-induced putative kinase 1 (PINK1) and PARK2/Parkin mutations cause autosomal recessive forms of Parkinson's disease. Upon a loss of mitochondrial membraneExpand
Human tRNA-derived small RNAs in the global regulation of RNA silencing.
Competition between mammalian RNAi-related gene silencing pathways is well documented. It is therefore important to identify all classes of small RNAs to determine their relationship with RNAi andExpand
Capped small RNAs and MOV10 in Human Hepatitis Delta Virus replication
The evolutionary origin of human hepatitis delta virus (HDV) replication by RNA-directed transcription is unclear. Here we identify two species of 5′-capped, ∼18–25-nucleotide small RNAs. One was ofExpand
Phylogenetic Analysis of the Hemagglutinin Genes of Twenty-Six Avian Influenza Viruses of Subtype H9N2 Isolated from Chickens in China During 1996–2001
SUMMARY. The complete coding region of hemagglutinin genes from 26 influenza A viruses of H9N2 subtype isolated from chicken flocks in China during 1996–2001 was amplified and sequenced. SequenceExpand
Comprehensive evaluation of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) in typical highly urbanized regions across China.
This study evaluated the occurrence of 36 PPCPs in urban river water samples collected from Beijing, Changzhou and Shenzhen. Twenty-eight compounds were detected. Compounds found with highest medianExpand
Genome‐Wide Association Analysis Reveals Different Genetic Control in Panicle Architecture Between Indica and Japonica Rice
Thirty loci for panicle size were identified by genome‐wide association analysis. Ghd7 and DST were specifically associated with panicle length in indica and japonica rice. Different gene networksExpand
Soil nitric oxide emissions from terrestrial ecosystems in China: a synthesis of modeling and measurements
  • Yong Huang, D. Li
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • Scientific reports
  • 10 December 2014
Soils are among the major sources of atmospheric nitric oxide (NO), which play a crucial role in atmospheric chemistry. Here we systematically synthesized the modeling studies and field measurementsExpand
Thermodynamic stability of small hairpin RNAs highly influences the loading process of different mammalian Argonautes
  • Shuo Gu, Lan Jin, +4 authors M. Kay
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  • 16 May 2011
MicroRNAs and siRNAs interact with target sequences in mRNAs, inducing cleavage- and non-cleavage–based gene repression through the RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC) that consists of one of fourExpand
HDAC3 inhibition ameliorates spinal cord injury by immunomodulation
Following spinal cord injury (SCI), the innate immune response of microglia and infiltrating macrophages clears up cellular debris and promotes tissue repair, but it also inflicts secondary injuryExpand