Yong Huang

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Wireless power transmission (WPT) is actively being researched and developed. WPT transfers power to electrical load without a wire. One of the problems is that the efficiency is easily affected by load resistance and input power. Therefore, an impedance matching circuit becomes crucial for realization of high-efficiency wireless power systems. In this(More)
Gas leakage tlow through small clearances is modeled using two-dimensional (2-D) and quasi one-dimensional {1-D) flow analysis. For 2-D approach, a dimensionless form of Navier-Stokes equations for two-dimensional, laminar, viscous and compressible fluids are employed to compute the det-·1iled tlow field across the clearance. The 2-D study also establishes(More)
Impedance matching is a common issue in a wireless power transfer (WPT) system. This paper summarizes impedance matching methods reported in the literature and gives a theoretical analysis on dc–dc converter for impedance matching in a WPT system. A buck–boost converter in discontinuous conduction mode has the characteristic of that the input(More)
This paper covers the design aspects of a compressor developed for a semi trailer truck application. The compressor developed for this purpose was a rotary vane compressor. This paper discusses the challenges of the design and the methodology adopted for overcoming them. INTRODUCTION In response to the demand for a durable compressor for a Semi trailer(More)
A novel automotive two-stage ale compressor is presented. The compressor utilizes a unique two-stage, rolling-piston rotary design to achieve improved performance in thermal efficiency and in NVH. The compressor has improved durability, especially under low lubrication and dry running operation. Manufacturing of compressor components are made easier by(More)
Since flying-wing configuration has excellent performance in aerodynamic, stealth capability and structure, it has become an ideal configuration of the future unmanned ah- vehicles. Compared with conventional airplane layout, the support interference effects and the local shape distortions are more obvious. Though the support effect is now accounted for in(More)
Chronic diseases arise when there is mutual reinforcement of pathophysiological processes that cause an aberrant steady state. Such a sequence of events may underlie chronic constipation, which has been associated with dysbiosis of the gut. In this study we hypothesized that assemblage of microbial communities, directed by slow gastrointestinal transit,(More)
Taguchi Dynamic Signal-to-Noise (8/N) ratio and~ analyses were applied to an automotive A/C compressor design to optimize the system performance. The method utilizes Taguchi design of experiment (DOE) strategy to identify and to optimize the significant parameters that affect the compressor performance. An eleven-factor array was used in the experiment. The(More)