Yong-Hong Lan

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This paper presents a P-type iterative learning control (ILC) scheme with initial state learning for a class of α (0 ≤ α < 1) fractional-order nonlinear systems. By introducing the λ-norm and using a generalized Gronwall inequality, the sufficient condition for the robust convergence of the tracking errors with respect to initial positioning errors under(More)
on an arbitrary time scale T with supT =∞, subject to the following conditions: (C) t ∈ T and [t,∞)T := {t ∈ T : t ≥ t} is a time scale interval in T; (C) r ∈ Crd( [t,∞)T , (,∞)) and ∫ ∞ t  r(t) t =∞; (C) p,q ∈ Crd( [t,∞)T , [,∞)); (C) ξ , δ ∈ Crd(T,T), limt→∞ ξ (t) = limt→∞ δ(t) = ∞, δ has the inverse function δ– ∈ Crd(T,T), v := δ– ◦ ξ ∈(More)
with the initial conditions (D a x)(a) = bk (k = 1, 2, . . . ,m – 1) and limt→a+ (I m–q a x)(t) = bm, where Dax is the Riemann-Liouville fractional derivative of order q of x,m – 1 < q≤m, m≥ 1 is an integer, I a x is the Riemann-Liouville fractional integral of orderm – q of x, and bk (k = 1, 2, . . . ,m) are/is constants/constant. We obtain some(More)
This paper concerns stability analysis and controller design for repetitive control. First, a two-dimensional (2D) continuous-discrete hybrid model of a repetitive control system is established. Next, new criteria for the asymptotic stability of the system are presented based on the model. Then, these criteria are extended to calculate lower bounds on(More)
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