Yong Hong Kuo

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The Dynamic Spatial Reconstructor (DSR) is a device constructed at the Biodynamics Research Unit of the Mayo Clinic for (among other things) the visualization of the beating heart inside the intact thorax. The device consists of 28 rotating X-ray sources arranged on a circular arc at 6 degrees intervals (total span 162 degrees) and a matching set of 28(More)
In this paper, we present an appointment scheduling problem faced by a medical imaging center in a major hospital in Macau. We developed an empirically calibrated simulation model to represent the appointment and medical diagnosis procedure as a multi-server queuing network with multiple patient classes. Four appointment overbooking schemes are proposed to(More)
A supply chain with a retailer and a supplier is considered in this paper, where the supplier is a small to medium-sized company with capital constraints and in need of short-term financing and the retailer is a core enterprise, which may or may not have capital constraints but always wants to reduce the working capital need. To meet their capital needs, a(More)
The print-scan operation is still challenging in the watermarking community, some watermarking techniques were proposed in the literature to deal with this operation. These watermarking techniques are still very sensitive to degradations produced by the print-scan process. This paper investigates a watermarking technique in the Fourier domain that is robust(More)
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