Yong Hoe Hong

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In the last few years, Malaysia government has put in a lot of efforts in order to reduce the number of smokers especially youths in Malaysia. Unfortunately, the numbers of smokers are still increasing according to Global Adult Survey Tobacco (2012). This survey was carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of anti-smoking advertising message and media in(More)
The seasonal rainfall and rainfall-induced variation of groundwater state is the main reason that can provoke the activities of crystalline schist landslide of Japan and even lead to the failure of landslide. Based on the long-term observation data on precipitation and groundwater level at a typical crystalline schist landslide, Zentoku landslide, a method(More)
By employing a ring shear apparatus, shear tests were conducted to examine the mechanical properties of clay under large shear displacement conditions. Based on the test results, the effects of stress history and shear speed on the shear resistance of over-consolidated silty clay were studied. The following results were found: (1) The variation of shear(More)
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