Yong-Ho Yoo

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—Although the vast majority of research in human-computer interaction often involves only our senses of sight and hearing, with sporadic forays into touch, future laboratories used in engineering education will mostly benefit from developments beyond video and sound. Tangible and embedded interaction, augmented and mixed reality characterizes ultimate(More)
Recognizing mathematical expression is important to reduce time in converting image-based documents like PDF to text-based documents that are easy to use and edit. In case of general character recognition , the sequence of character segmentation is from left to right, and from top to bottom. However, mathematical expression is a kind of two-dimension visual(More)
For a robot to execute a specific task, the robot firstly has to recognize what objects are in robot's view. To complete a specific task in a given time, the computation time for recognition is also important. There are much research for increasing recognition accuracy, but the recognition speed is not enough to be applied in real environment. On the other(More)
In a MiroSOT robot soccer program, operators manually adjust color setting using global vision system for detecting objects such as robots and a ball. It is a cumbersome and time-consuming operation before the game. Since spectators may make shadows and illumination changes on the pitch, it becomes more difficult to detect colors of the objects. For the(More)
Personal service robots assisting humans in daily life are expected to provide a user-oriented service [1]. To meet this expectation, there has been much research on behavior selection algorithms for the proper service. The action selection method was proposed to activate a most appropriate action in a certain situation [2]. The behavior selection method(More)