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In this paper, a new early detection algorithm for all-zero DCT blocks in H.264 video encoding is proposed. We have analyzed the properties of the DCT and quantization in H.264. These analyses show that a great reduction in the number of calculations can be achieved by investigating the individual conditions for the frequency components of (1,1), (1,3),(More)
It is well known that a lot of computations are required for motion estimation in video encoding. Recently, the multilevel successive elimination algorithm (MSEA) has been proposed to reduce the computational complexity of block matching for motion estimation without degradation of estimation accuracy. In the MSEA, the block matching is hierarchically(More)
In this paper, we propose a computation reduction method for RDO mode decision in H.264/AVC. The distortion required for RDO mode decision has been shown to be equivalent to the total energy of quantization error. A statistical model of the quantization error for H.264/AVC was developed in order to approximate the distortion. In the proposed method, the(More)