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This study introduces a new method for precise timing estimation in OFDM systems. In multipath channels, conventional correlation-based methods experience performance degradation due to channel dispersion. Based on a symmetric correlation property of a preamble, the proposed method is developed to exploit statistical change of a symmetric correlator in the(More)
We introduce a new synchronization scheme to improve the synchronization performance in a ultra-wideband (UWB) non-coherent energy collection receiver. Our proposed scheme exploits the mean normalized energy profile, which is known at the receiver, to acquire synchronization. The synchronization process is performed through comparing the energy collected(More)
We introduce a reliable I/Q regeneration algorithm for digital video broadcasting system (DVB-S) using a 5-port junction direct conversion receiver. The DVB-S uses two modulation schemes; QPSK and 8PSK. We propose two cost functions for each modulation scheme. The proposed algorithm utilizes the characteristic of the modulated symbol, so it simplifies the(More)
We propose an improved timing estimation method for orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) systems that employ a preamble with time-domain repetitive patterns. The proposed method exploits the unique correlation property of the preamble including its cyclic prefix. Numerical results show that the proposed scheme is robust in fading multipath(More)
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