Yong Han Kang

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Almost all mathematical models of diseases start from the same basic premise: the population can be subdivided into a set of distinct classes dependent upon experience with respect to the relevant disease. Most of these models classify individuals as either a susceptible individual S, infected individual I or recovered individual R. This is called the(More)
In this paper the optimal control strategies of an SIR (susceptible-infected-recovered) epidemic model with time delay are introduced. In order to do this, we consider an optimally controlled SIR epidemic model with time delay where a control means treatment for infectious hosts. We use optimal control approach to minimize the probability that the infected(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the optimal control strategy for Plasmodium vivax malaria transmission in Korea. METHODS A Plasmodium vivax malaria transmission model with optimal control terms using a deterministic system of differential equations is presented, and analyzed mathematically and numerically. RESULTS If the cost of reducing the reproduction rate(More)