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We introduce a square coil system for remote magnetic navigation of a magnetic device without any physical movements of the coils. We used three square-Helmholtz coils and a square-Maxwell coil for magnetic propulsion of a small magnet along the desired path. All the square coils are mountable on a cubic frame that has an opening to accommodate a living(More)
STUDY DESIGN Histological examination of human spinal ventral roots. OBJECTIVES To determine the proportion of unmyelinated fibers in human ventral roots from the 4th cervical (C4) to 2nd sacral (S2) segment, and to evaluate differences in the proportions of unmyelinated fibers between the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral segments, and between(More)
BACKGROUND Ocular motor dysfunction is common in patients with head trauma. Also, traumatic lateral gaze palsy is usually associated with brain stem lesion, peripheral nerve injury with or without basilar skull fracture and lateral rectus muscle injury or entrapment. However, isolated bilateral abducens nerve palsy is extremely rare. CASE STUDY This study(More)
We introduce a magnetic navigation of a small magnet using four stationary coils. We used a Maxwell gradient coil to get magnetic propulsion force and three Helmholtz coils to control the moving direction of the magnet in the magnetic navigation. Using a three-channel coil driver with output capacity of 320A, we performed magnetic navigation of a small(More)
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