Yong-Goo Bae

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The dnaK and groE operons in Streptococcus pneumoniae are repressed by HrcA in the presence of Ca(++). However, it is unclear how HrcA and Ca(++) regulate the dnaK and groE operons. This study examined the dual regulation of the dnaK and groE operons in S. pneumoniae by HrcA and Ca(++). At 30 degrees C, the hrcA mutant showed a constitutively higher level(More)
DnaK is a major antigen in Streptococcus pneumoniae, and is induced by a minor shift in temperature (30 to 37 degrees ) but not by ethanol shock. Although HrcA in the presence of Ca++ represses the expression of both groEL and hrcA, the control of transcription of the dnaK operon is not completely understood. In this study, the dnaK operon of S. pneumoniae(More)
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