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The kelp Undariopsis peterseniana is warm-water-tolerant, and consequently, there is currently considerable interest in developing commercial cultivation techniques for this species in Korea. U. peterseniana plants have been successfully transferred to the northern coast of Korea beyond their original habitat in Jeju Island (33°30′08.65″N, 126°55′39.02″E).(More)
People tend to form an internal model of systems and how they work. An accurate mental model helps promote user experience and performance. As a result, interface designs that are based on a users mental model have been discussed frequently. However, the concept of a mental model has varying interpretations and is considered difficult to operationalize.(More)
PageRank algorithm is a very popular and effective algorithm to rank web pages based on the link information among a set of web pages. The bilingual translate search engine is a kind of search engine which integrated the functions of bilingual translation. To make the original PageRank algorithm adapt to bilingual translate search engine, some changes must(More)
A method to reduce feature dimension based on CCA and PCA is proposed. First, using the CCA to fuse the LPC features based on channel model and the MFCC feature based on auditory model to improve the relevance of the two different features; second, utilizing the PCA to further remove redundant features, and reduce the dimension of effective features. To(More)
Ecklonia cava and Ecklonia stolonifera are perennial brown algae that form sea forests off the coast of Korea. Both species are cultured to supply a summer feed for the abalone industry. Recent expansion of the abalone industry in Korea has been bringing an increase in demand for fresh algal supply. Zoospores of the two algae were seeded in October 2006 on(More)
A new speaker verification method based on SVDD is proposed from another viewpoint to solve the problem such that the recognition rate of the speaker verification system based on GMM is not very high. The traditional hard decision method is also changed, instead a new soft decision means based on the sample acceptance rate is introduced, whose main(More)
The kelp Undariopsis peterseniana (Kjellman) Miyabe et Okamura is warm water tolerant and consequently there is currently considerable interest in developing commercial cultivation techniques for this species in Korea. Undaria is an important species for both the abalone industry and for commercial seaweed mariculture. In an attempt to extend the culture(More)
In this paper, we present a novel feature extraction and classification approach for radio transmitter recognition based on bispectra with tensor representation. Bispectra are quite effective to capture the stray features of radio transmitters in stationary state. Traditional approaches such as integral bispectra usually transform a bispectra matrix into a(More)
In tradition probability statistics model, speaker verification threshold is instability in different test situations. A novel speaker verification method based on Support Vector Data Description (SVDD) is proposed to remedy the defect of probability statistics model. To simplify the threshold value setting and improve the robustness and recognition(More)
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