Yong Geun Yang

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We determined HLA-DRB types of 375 randomly chosen healthy Japanese donors using a set of 29 different sequence-specific oligonucleotide (SSO) probes directed against various DRB alleles. Except for a few cases, these SSOs enabled us to identify 33 different DRB types including those detectable only by SSO genotyping. Gene frequencies were calculated for(More)
The developmental relationship of myosin binding proteins (myomesin, connectin and C-protein) to myosin was studied in chicken cervical somites by immunofluorescence microscopy. Muscle and non-muscle myosins initially appeared as slender rods at the same sites, and then, fused to form non-striated fibrils. As muscle myosin formed striated structures (A(More)
A long chain microRNA-34a conjugate (lc-miRNA) was prepared by chemical crosslinking in order to improve entrapment efficiency into calcium phosphate nanoparticles (CaPs) and intracellular delivery. Thiol-modified miRNA at both terminal ends was chemically conjugated using crosslinkers to form lc-miRNA which was encapsulated within CaPs by a conventional(More)
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