Yong-Gang Fu

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In this paper, a simple watermarking scheme for digital image authentication is proposed. The insertion of a binary watermark is accomplished by adding to the lower frequency subband of discrete wavelet transform (DWT) decomposition of host image with a random binary image obtained by random permutations. The proposed scheme is secure, fast, and is immune(More)
  • Yong-Gang Fu
  • 2010 International Conference on Computer…
  • 2010
In this paper, a novel video watermarking scheme based on 3D DCT(3-dimensional discrete cosine transform) is proposed. Firstly, the video is segmented into several shots. Then, those frames between two neighbor shot frames are grouped into 3D blocks. The watermark is embedded into those middle frequency coefficients of the 3D transform domain. The(More)
Chinese ink texts can not be converted into encoded texts until their writing characters are correctly recognized. There are many errors in recognized Chinese ink texts even importing language models because Chinese ink texts are free forms and mixed with other languages, as well as their Chinese characters have a large set and complex structures.(More)
The texts recognized from a piece of Chinese handwriting and the speech corresponding to the same handwriting, respectively, are complementary to each other. A better text, thus, can be obtained by fusing the two texts, since a fused text can contain more semantic information. The fused text should cover all characters in the two texts and these characters(More)
Digital ink texts in Chinese can neither be converted into users’ desired layouts nor be recognized until their characters, lines, and paragraphs are correctly extracted. There are many errors in automatically segmented digital ink texts in Chinese because they are free forms and mixed with other languages, as well as their Chinese characters have(More)
This paper describes a two-handed interaction framework for desktop virtual environment, called TH3D. The design goal of it is to support device-independent, task-centered and fast development of two-handed applications on desktop computers. Existing research on two-handed interaction mainly focuses on specific interaction techniques and fails to achieve(More)
In this paper, a novel image watermarking scheme is proposed. With the combination of JPEG compression scheme, the watermark is embedded in to the host image by consideration of the relationship between the quantized pixels and the original pixels. Since the proposed scheme has a nice combination of JPEG compression, the proposed scheme has good robustness(More)
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