Yong-Eun Kim

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PURPOSE The stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT) system verifies isocenter accuracy in patient space. In this study, we evaluate isocenter accuracy in frameless SRT using implanted cranial gold markers. MATERIALS AND METHODS We performed frameless SRT on 43 intracranial tumor patients between August 1997 and December 2000. The treatment technique was(More)
The RNA-binding protein Rbfox3 is a well-known splicing regulator that is used as a marker for post-mitotic neurons in various vertebrate species. Although recent studies indicate a variable expression of Rbfox3 in non-neuronal tissues, including lung tissue, its cellular function in lung cancer remains largely unknown. Here, we report that the number of(More)
SUMMARY An efficient multiplier design method for predetermined coefficient groups is presented based on the variation of canonic signed digit (CSD) encoding and partial product sharing. By applications to radix-2 4 FFT structure and the pulse-shaping filter design used in CDMA, it is shown that the proposed method significantly reduces the area,(More)