Yong-Eun Kim

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The problem of efficient hardware implementation of multiple constant multiplication (MCM) is encountered in many digital signal processing applications such as FIR filter and linear transform (e.g., DCT and FFT). It is known that efficient solutions based on common subexpression elimination (CSE) algorithm can yield significant improvements in area and(More)
An efficient multiplier design method for predetermined coefficient groups is presented based on the variation of canonic signed digit (CSD) encoding and partial product sharing. By applications to radix24 FFT structure and the pulse-shaping filter design used in CDMA, it is shown that the proposed method significantly reduces the area, propagation delay(More)
FlexRay is a new standard for network communication systems, which has been developed for future automotive applications. FlexRay communication controller (CC) is the core of the FlexRay protocol specification. Bus guardian (BG) is an optional electronic component. In this paper, we first design the FlexRay CC and BG protocol specifications and function(More)
The partial product matrix (PPM) of a squarer is symmetric. To reduce the depth of PPM, it can be folded, shifted and rearranged. In this paper, we propose a squarer design method using partial product grouping method. The proposed squarers lead to up to 24.7%, 24.4% and 6.7% reduction in area, power consumption and propagation delay compared with(More)