Yong Deng

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Dempster-Shafer evidence theory is an efficient tool in knowledge reasoning and decision-making under uncertain environments. Conflict management is an open issue in Dempster-Shafer evidence theory. In past decades, a large amount of research has been conducted on this issue. In this paper, we propose a new theory called generalized evidence theory (GET).(More)
How to identify influential nodes is a key issue in complex networks. The degree centrality is simple, but is incapable to reflect the global characteristics of networks. Betweenness centrality and closeness centrality do not consider the location of nodes in the networks, and semi-local centrality, leaderRank and pageRank approaches can be only applied in(More)
The evolution of cooperation is a hot and challenging topic in the field of evolutionary game theory. Altruistic behavior, as a particular form of cooperation, has been widely studied by the ultimatum game but not by the dictator game, which provides a more elegant way to identify the altruistic component of behaviors. In this paper, the evolutionary(More)
Arterial morphogenesis is one of the most critical events during embryonic vascular development. Although arterial fate specification is mainly controlled by the Notch signaling pathway, arterial-venous patterning is modulated by a number of guidance factors. How these pathways are regulated is still largely unknown. Here, we demonstrate that endothelial(More)
The distance of evidence, which represents the degree of dissimilarity between bodies of evidence, has attracted more and more interest and has found extensive uses in many realms. In this paper some notes on a widely used distance of evidence, i.e., betting commitment distance, are provided, including the arguments on the rationality of its definition,(More)
As an important tool for knowledge representation and decision-making under uncertainty, Dempster-Shafer evidence theory (D-S theory) has been used in many fields. The application of D-S theory is critically dependent on the availability of the basic probability assignment (BPA). The determination of BPA is still an open issue. A non-parametric method to(More)
Developing earth-abundant, active and stable electrocatalysts which operate in the same electrolyte for water splitting, including oxygen evolution reaction and hydrogen evolution reaction, is important for many renewable energy conversion processes. Here we demonstrate the improvement of catalytic activity when transition metal oxide (iron, cobalt, nickel(More)
Dempster’s combination rule can only be applied to independent bodies of evidence. One occurrence of dependence between two bodies of evidence is when they result from a common source. This paper proposes an improved method for combining dependent bodies of evidence which takes the significance of the common information sources into consideration. The(More)
Semantic web services (SWS) technology is developed to overcome the shortcomings of traditional standards, such as WSDL and UDDI, and enable maximal automation in all aspects of web service. But great improvement of capability in SWS-based service discovery is still desired. To address this issue, we present a distributed and semantic-matching-based(More)
Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase 3 (MEKK3) plays an essential role in embryonic angiogenesis, but its role in tumor growth and angiogenesis is unknown. In this study, we further investigated the role of MEKK3 in embryonic angiogenesis, tumor angiogenesis, and angiogenic factor production. We found that endothelial cells from Mekk3-deficient(More)