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In the development of E-Commerce, security has always been the core and key issue. In this paper, a new model is proposed to assist E-Commerce practitioners in the assessment of E-Commerce security. The proposed model is based on Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Dempster–Shafer (DS) theory of evidence. First, according to the characteristics of(More)
Keywords: Dempster–Shafer theory Fuzzy sets theory Supplier selection TOPSIS MCDM a b s t r a c t Supplier selection is a multi-criterion decision making problem under uncertain environments. Hence, it is reasonable to hand the problem in fuzzy sets theory (FST) and Dempster Shafer theory of evidence (DST). In this paper, a new MCDM methodology, using FST(More)
Supplier selection is an important issue in supply chain management (SCM), and essentially is a multi-criteria decision-making problem. Supplier selection highly depends on experts' assessments. In the process of that, it inevitably involves various types of uncertainty such as imprecision, fuzziness and incompleteness due to the inability of human being's(More)