Yong-Cun Cao

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For the purpose of improving the predictive accuracy and interpretability of telecom customer retention prediction model, MBBCTree Algorithm, which integrates the advantage of Markov blanket Bayesian networks (MBBC) and decision tree, is proposed in this paper to predict customers' lifetime. MBBCTree classifier uses a tree structure to split the instance(More)
A kind of trading off algorithm of target classification combined with double mode intelligent fusion is presented, Applying neuron-fuzzy technique to the synthesis of the complementary information between radar and infrared, through combining neuron-fuzzy technique with D-S evidence fusion theory, the ability of target classification could be improved. At(More)
This paper carried out the research on the problem of control and synchronization of the chaotic system. The controller based on linear couple rules and the theory of parameters estimation was designed for the continuous-time chaos system with unknown parameter and delayed-time property (CTCS-UP-DTP). Meanwhile, the asymptotic stability of the control and(More)
Research on the problem of the control and synchronization for a class of continuous-time chaos system with unknown parameter and time-delayed property (CTCS-UP-TP) was investigated. An effective synchronization controlling algorithm combined variable structure control with adaptive parameter estimation was given under the certain hypothetical conditions.(More)
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