Yong Chul Jeon

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The agricultural transition profoundly changed human societies. We sequenced and analysed the first genome (1.39x) of an early Neolithic woman from Ganj Dareh, in the Zagros Mountains of Iran, a site with early evidence for an economy based on goat herding, ca. 10,000 BP. We show that Western Iran was inhabited by a population genetically most similar to(More)
A 47-yr-old man with hepatitis B virus associated liver cirrhosis was admitted to our hospital with diarrhea and generalized edema and diagnosed as protein-losing enteropathy due to intestinal lymphangiectasia by intestinal biopsy and 99m Tc albumin scan. During hospitalization, he received subcutaneous octreotide therapy. After 2 weeks of octreotide(More)
Autoimmune cholangitis is a clinical constellation of chronic cholestasis, histological changes of chronic nonsuppurative cholangitis and the presence of autoantibodies other than antimitochondrial antibody (AMA). It is uncertain whether this entity is definitely different from AMA positive primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC), though it shows some differences.(More)
This study was designed to test the activity and feasibility of 5'-deoxy-5-fluorouridine (5'-DFUR) and cisplatin combination therapy in the treatment of advanced gastric cancer. Nineteen patients with inoperable and/or metastatic gastric cancer, which was histologically proven, were orally administered 5'-DFUR 1,200 mg/m2 on days 1 to 4 and days 15-18(More)
A flat depressed early colon cancer (FDEC) is characterized by non-polypoid growth pattern, no association of adenomatous tissues and a tendency of even small lesions toward submucosal invasion and lymph node metastasis. It supports de novo carcinogenesis of colorectal cancer, although most colorectal cancers arise in pre-existing adenoma (adenoma-carcinoma(More)
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