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Effect of heat treatments on fatigue property of selective laser melting AlSi10Mg
Abstract The fatigue property of selective laser melting AlSi10Mg samples with different heat treatments was investigated. The samples were tested in the state of as-built condition, stress reliefExpand
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Finding the limit of incompleteness I.
In this paper, I examine the limit of incompleteness w.r.t. interpretation. I first define the notion "Godel's first incompleteness theorem ($\sf G1$ for short) holds for theory $T$". This paper isExpand
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Thermodynamic characteristics analysis of aluminium welding process
Abstract Based on heat conduction equation and thermoelasticity theory, thermal–mechanical coupling model and solution method of finite element are established for aluminium welding. The combinationExpand
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AgNPs@Ag(I)-AMTD metal-organic gel-nanocomposites act as a SERS probe for the detection of Hg2+
Abstract AgNPs@Ag(I)-AMTD (AMTD: 2-amino-5-mercapto-1,3,4-thiadiazole) metal-organic gel-nanocomposites was prepared and used as a SERS (Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering) probe for the detection ofExpand
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Efficient intracavity optical parametric oscillator with diode side-pumped electro-optic Q-switched laser
An efficient intracavity single-resonant optical parametric oscillator (OPO) at 1.571-micron eye-safe range using a non-critically phase-matched KTP crystal is reported. The OPO is excited by a diodeExpand
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Submilliampere threshold current InGaAs-GaAs-AlGaAs lasers and laser arrays grown on nonplanar substrates
High performance buried heterostructure InGaAs-GaAs-AlGaAs quantum-well lasers and laser arrays with tight spatial confinement of the electrical current and the optical fields have been fabricated byExpand
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Determination of chromium cobalt nickel gallium niobium scandium and zirconium in the blast furnace slag of vanadium titanium magnetite by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry
In order to recover the precious metal elements in vanadium-titanium blast furnace slag, the analytical method that direct determination of the range from 0.001% ~ 0.300% chromium, cobalt nickel,Expand
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Passively Q-switched Nd3+:YAG laser with corner cube
A passively Q-switched Nd^(3+):YAG laser with corner cube is theoretically and experimentally studied. We analyze the polarization variation in cavity and simulate the peak power, pulse energy andExpand
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Ultranarrow bandwidth tunable atomic filter via quantum interference-induced polarization rotation in Rb vapor
We report the experimental demonstration of an ultranarrow bandwidth atomic filter by optically induced polarization rotation in multilevel electromagnetically induced transparency systems in hot RbExpand
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