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Pil-Wook Chung3
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Although there is a controversy, several reports have shown that gastric cardia cancer has tended upwards in recent years. The aim of this study was to investigate the changing trend of stomach cancer according to the location of cancer and histologic type in Korea, where is known to be one of the most prevalent areas for gastric cancer. All the patients(More)
BACKGROUND We analyzed serologic data that were obtained from the Korea Association of Health from 1995 to 1999 to estimate the reliable prevalence of HBV in South Korea. METHODS 603,375, 639,465, 621,476, 612,705 and 650,398 serum samples were annually tested for HBsAg. Of HBsAg positive persons whose serum samples were available, HBeAg positivity was(More)
Human IgG1 Fc has been widely used as a bioconjugate, but exhibits shortcomings, such as antibody- and complement-mediated cytotoxicity as well as decreased bioactivity, when applied to agonistic proteins. Here, we constructed a nonimmunogenic, noncytolytic and flexible hybrid Fc (hyFc) consisting of IgD and IgG4, and tested its function using(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The objective of this study was to determine diagnostic and prognostic values of proximal radial motor conduction in acute compressive radial neuropathy. METHODS Thirty-nine consecutive cases of acute compressive radial neuropathy with radial conduction studies-including stimulation at Erb's point-performed within 14 days from(More)
BACKGROUND Previous diffusion-weighted MRI (DWI) studies have indicated that 10-40% of patients have silent embolism during neurointerventional procedures. However, lesion patterns of the embolisms have not been adequately investigated. METHODS DWI was taken within 7 days before and 48 h after cerebral angioplasty and stent procedures. New lesions on the(More)
Ocular motor apraxia has been reported in bilateral frontoparietal lesions. We report a case of ocular motor apraxia after bilateral striatal infarctions. The patient had impaired voluntary saccades and smooth pursuits in the vertical and horizontal planes with an intact vestibulo-ocular reflex. Magnetic resonance imaging showed an old left putaminal(More)