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Effects of 9-week hindlimb suspension and 8-week recovery on air-righting reaction in response to drop from a supine position were studied in adult rats. The righting time in rats at the end of suspension (approximately 220 ms) was longer than the age-matched controls (approximately 120 ms, p <0.05). The unloading-related change in righting time was(More)
Distribution and total number of myonuclei in single soleus muscle fibers, sampled from tendon to tendon, were analyzed in mdx and wild-type (WT) mice. Apoptotic myonuclei and the microscopic structure around the myonuclei were also analyzed. Three types of muscle fibers of mdx mice with myonuclear distribution at either central, peripheral, or both central(More)
Recently, evidence indicated that the rapamycin-eluting stent which was used worldwide may contribute to an increased risk for thrombosis. On the contrary, other researchers found it was safe. Thus, it is necessary to clarify the effect of rapamycin on thrombosis and the corresponding mechanisms. The effects of rapamycin in vivo were evaluated by modified(More)
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