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We measured individual trajectories of fluorescently labeled telomeres in the nucleus of eukaryotic cells in the time range of 10(-2)-10(4)sec by combining a few acquisition methods. At short times the motion is subdiffusive with r2 approximately talpha and it changes to normal diffusion at longer times. The short times diffusion may be explained by the(More)
A quantum polarized light microscope using entangled NOON states with N=2 and N=3 is shown to provide phase supersensitivity beyond the standard quantum limit. We constructed such a microscope and imaged birefringent objects at a very low light level of 50 photons per pixel, where shot noise seriously hampers classical imaging. The NOON light source is(More)
Quantum lithography achieves phase superresolution using fragile, experimentally challenging entangled states of light. We propose a scalable scheme for creating features narrower than classically achievable with reduced use of quantum resources and, consequently, enhanced resistance to loss. The scheme is an implementation of interferometric lithography(More)
Despite advances in low-light-level detection, single-photon methods such as photon correlation have rarely been used in the context of imaging. The few demonstrations, for example of subdiffraction-limited imaging utilizing quantum statistics of photons, have remained in the realm of proof-of-principle demonstrations. This is primarily due to a combination(More)
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