Yonatan Goldhirsh

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In this paper we define and examine the power of the <i>conditional sampling</i> oracle in the context of distribution-property testing. The conditional sampling oracle for a discrete distribution &#956; takes as input a subset S &#8834; [n] of the domain, and outputs a random sample i &#8712; S drawn according to &#956;, conditioned on S (and independently(More)
For a property P and a sub-property P ′ , we say that P is P ′-partially testable with q queries if there exists an algorithm that distinguishes, with high probability, inputs in P ′ from inputs ǫ-far from P by using q queries. There are natural properties that require many queries to test, but can be partitioned into a small number of subsets for which(More)
In brief, this license authorizes each and everybody to share (to copy, distribute and transmit) the work under the following conditions, without impairing or restricting the authors' moral rights: Attribution: The work must be attributed to its authors. LIPIcs is a series of high-quality conference proceedings across all fields in informatics. LIPIcs(More)
Acknowledgements I would like to thank Prof. Eldar Fischer, my advisor, for his encouragement and support throughout the years of my work. It was an exciting and rewarding period, and I had the good fortune of having Eldar as my guide to the world of research. I am also deeply indebted to my friend Ami Paz, who played a crucial role in getting me to(More)
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