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CommandTalk is a spoken-language interface to battlefield simulations that allows the use of ordinary spoken English to create forces and control measures, assign missions to forces, modify missions during execution, and control simulation system functions. CommandTalk combines a number of separate components integrated through the use of the Open Agent(More)
To address the needs for performing microsurgical procedures, the SRI telepresence surgery workstation has been combined with a pair of micromanipulator arms. The prototype microsurgery system has been tested with ex-vivo tasks similar to those required for surgical procedures, such as cutting, grasping, suturing, and knot tying. Initial animal testing has(More)
Tissue classification by examining sets of ultrasound parameters is an elusive goal. We report analysis of measurements of ultrasound speed, attenuation and backscatter in the range 3 to 8 MHz in breast tissues at 37 C. Statistical discriminant analysis and neural net analysis were employed. Data were acquired from 24 biopsy and 7 mastectomy specimens. Best(More)
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