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The experiment tested whether patients with social phobia direct their attention to or away from faces with a range of emotional expressions. A modified dot probe paradigm (J. Abnorm. Psychol. 95 (1986) 15) measured whether participants attended more to faces or to household objects. Twenty patients with social phobia were faster in identifying the probe(More)
A series of motor tests on four Chinese partial commissurotomy patients is reported. The single-stage commissurotomy in all four patients included the anterior commissures and two-thirds or four-fifths section of the corpus callosum with sparing of the splenium. There was no demonstrable ability to transfer hand posture in these patients. This was the major(More)
—A method to extract and recognize isolated characters in license plates is proposed. In extraction stage, the proposed method detects isolated characters by using Difference-of-Gaussian (DOG) function, The DOG function, similar to Laplacian of Gaussian function, was proven to produce the most stable image features compared to a range of other possible(More)
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